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About PT. KIA Mobil Indonesia
PT. KIA Mobil Indonesia was established on December 16, 1999, as a distributor of completely built up KIA vehicles, and then officially appointed as selected distributor by Kia Motors Corp, Korea (KIA principal) on April 17, 2000. PT KIA Mobil Indonesia marketed Carnival & Sportage at start, and soon after that followed by more selections of line ups like Shuma, Carens, Visto, and the recently added Picanto & Travello.

In order to improve the quality and services for the valued customer PT KIA Mobil Indonesia broaden their wingspan by founding PT Kia Indonesia Motor on September 6, 2001 whom begin assembling complete knock down KIA units like Carens II and Pregio, and further continued with Big Up and Travello.

Up to this moment Kia Mobil Indonesia already has 12 branch offices, 33 dealers, 39 authorized service centres & parts, also Kia Used Car dealer. Empowered with 757 employee PT KIA Mobil Indonesia will always keep  its spirited existence in the automotive world.

Important events experienced by the company are as follows:

1999. PT.KIA Mobil Indonesia was founded
. Launching of Carnival, Sportage, Carens, Shuma
. Launching of Visto Zip Drive
. PT. KIA Mobil Indonesia officially selected as appointed distributor by KIA Motor Corp, Korea
. Launching of Rio, Visto, Pregio
. Launching of Carens II, Picanto
. Launching of New Pregio
. Launching of Sportage II, Big Up, Pride
. Launching of Picanto Sporty, Travello
. Launching of New Picanto Cosmo, New Pride
. Launching of All New Sportage, All New Picanto, All New Rio